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Process for selling your property fast

Selling your property to us is one of the easier ways to get a guaranteed and a fast sale. The process of selling is relatively easy to follow, when compared to the conventional selling methods. We make the sale particularly easy to help you release equity fast from your property.. Just follow the simple steps below to get your property sold in just a few weeks or a few days:

1. Contact Us Call us by phone or complete our online enquiry form for a call back to discuss the details of your property. We will discuss the basic particulars of your property as well as the estimate valuations to help us decide on the instant price that we will offer. The call will be information-gathering exercise to help us reach an instant offer for your house, conditional on the market value of the property.

2. Agree to sell to us If you agree to the price, we will then send you a confirmation of the agreement, including an agreement for your to sign to sell the property to us. Once the agreement is signed, we will start the process to arrange the finances for the purchase of your property.

3. Arrange Completion We will arrange for exchange of contracts through yours and our solicitors to arrange the sale completion of the property. Although the above is a summary of the sale process, there are not many more steps involved in the sale of your property through us. Our aim is to make the sale as convenient and as easy as possible in the fastest time needed. We will be at hand throughout the sale process and guide you and ready to answer any questions.

If you want to stop repossession fast or simply need a quick sale for any other reason, contact us today on 0161 8774142 for a quick and a reliable way of selling your property. Take advantage of getting a guaranteed sale in a short period of time.